Admissions to Postgraduate Programme

The School of Technology and Computer Science (STCS) at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, welcomes applications for its post graduate programme. STCS is renowned globally for its research in theoretical computer science, communications and emerging areas of mathematical sciences. It has a world class Ph.D. programme that prepares motivated and bright students for research careers in academia as well as for industrial R&D. For students who would like to explore research opportunities without committing to a Ph.D., the program also has an exit option in two years with a Master's degree.

Faculty at STCS work in a variety of areas, including Algorithms and Complexity, Communications, Financial Mathematics, Formal Verification Methods, Game Theory, Information Theory, Machine Learning, Optimization, Probability and Applications, and Quantum Computing. The Ph.D. programme at STCS is a unique offering in India that combines foundational course work and research in quantitative and conceptual aspects of computer science and electrical engineering. Students at STCS avail of excellent infrastructure and facilities for research, including opportunities to present their research at national and international fora. We have a vibrant visitors programme and our students get the opportunity to routinely interact with leading experts and young researchers from around the world.

TIFR is scenically located in South Mumbai along the Arabian sea, and offers many opportunities for academic as well as cultural growth. There are at present around 400 faculty/scientists in three major schools: Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and the Technology and Computer Science. The Institute is equipped with one of the finest libraries in India, and has a flourishing international visitor's programme. We are proud to have produced many of the finest scientists of India, including in diverse areas such as Science Education and Public Health. TIFR is also known for producing the first digital computer in India, and for its role in the establishment of CDOT, BARC, ISRO and C-DAC.

Admissions to Ph.D. programmes in Computer Science and Systems Science are via a TIFR Entrance Exam followed by an on-campus interview. The deadline for applications for admissions in August 2018 is October 12, 2017. Students who have/will have a valid GATE score in EC, EE, MA (exams held during 2016-18) have the option to apply directly to our Systems Science Ph.D. programme without taking the TIFR entrance exam, the applications for this will be accepted starting in February 2018. Note that GATE scores in CS will not be accepted.

Apply to Systems Science Ph.D. programme using GATE score (last date: March 30, 2020):

Application website:

Stipend information: Ph.D. students receive a monthly fellowship of Rs 31,000/- (enhanced to Rs 35,000/- after registration). I-Ph.D. students (those joining with a three-year undergraduate degree) receive a monthly fellowship of Rs 21,000/- for the first year which is enhanced to 31,000/- at the end of the first year upon satisfactory performance (further raised to Rs 35,000/- after registration for Ph.D.).