Small Value Parallel Repetition for General Games


Ankit Garg


Princeton University
Department of Computer Science
35, Olden Street
Princeton, NJ 08544
United States of America


Thursday, 21 August 2014, 16:00 to 17:00


  • D-405 (D-Block Seminar Room)


Abstract: We prove a parallel repetition theorem for general games with value tending to 0. Previously Dinur and Steurer proved such a theorem for the special case of projection games. We use information theoretic techniques in our proof. Our proofs also extend to the high value regime (value close to 1) and provide alternate proofs for the parallel repetition theorems of Holenstein and Rao for general and projection games respectively. We also extend the example of Feige and Verbitsky to show that the small-value parallel repetition bound we obtain is tight. Our techniques are elementary in that we only need to employ basic information theory and discrete probability in the small-value parallel repetition proof (this is joint work with Mark Braverman).