Quantum computation and information



  • 2014 Spring/Summer (Jan - May)


Basics of quantum mechanics: Hilbert spaces, pure states, unitary evolution, measurement Quantum circuit model

Toy algorithms: Deutsch, Simon
Glimpse of Shor's algorithm
Grover's search algorithm
Glimpse of BB84 quantum key distribution protocol
More quantum mechanics: Density matrices, general measurements (POVMs), tracing out operation, superoperators
Metrics on quantum states: Trace distance, fidelity
Ambainis' quantum protocol for coin tossing
Basics of quantum information theory: Entropy, mutual information
Noiseless channel coding: Schumacher's compression algorithm for ensemble of pure states
Noisy channel coding: Achieving the mutual information bound via sequential measurements
Glimpse of Shor's 9 qubit error correcting code