Math Structures



  • 2016 Autumn/Monsoon (Aug - Dec)

Course Outline

Math Structure Systems Science: Analysis

The course assumes knowledge of elementary analysis (encourages self study) and focusses on somewhat advanced topics including


1)    Measure and integration theory.

2)    Classical Banach spaces including Lp spaces

3)    Hilbert spaces

4)    Contraction mapping and related topics

Lectures: Roughly 12 - 14 lectures each of hour and a half duration.

Evaluation: Two exams of 30 marks each. Regular homework 40 marks

Grader: Anand Deo



1.     H. L. Royden, Real Analysis

2.     A. M. Shiryaev, Probability

3.     Kolmogorov and Fomin, Introductory Real Analysis