Digital Communication



  • 2013 Spring/Summer (Jan - May)


This course on digital communication will cover basic concepts in digital communication.

Hours: (36 hours) 3 hours per week.

Prerequisites: Probability and Information Theory (or consent of the instructor)


Sampling theorem, signal space, modulation and demodulation, basic detection theory, basic coding theory, wireless communication.


R.G. Gallager, Principles of Digital Communication, Cambridge, 2008.

J.M. Wozencraft and I.M. Jacobs, Principles of Communication Engineering, Wiley, 1965.

Additional references:

A. Lapidoth, A Foundation in Digital Communication, Cambridge, 2009. (online)

C. E. Shannon, The Mathematical Theory of Communication, University of Illinois Press, 1949. (online)

Other resources:

MIT Open CourseWare video lectures by Prof. R.G. Gallager (link)