Automata Theory using Algebra and Logic (Reading course)



  • 2017 Spring/Summer (Jan - May)
Course Objective: To familiarize students with elements of algebraic automata theory and its relationship to logics.
Course Material:
1 Howard Straubing. Finite automata, formal logic, and circuit complexity. Progress in Theoretical Computer Science. Birkhäuser Boston Inc., Boston, MA, 1994. 
2. Jean-Éric Pin, Mathematical Foundations of Automata Theory. Course Notes at MPRI, 2016.
3. Pascal Tesson, Dennis Therient, Algebra meets Logic: The Case of Regular Languages,  Logical Methods  in Computer Science, 2007. 
Methodology: Students will be expected to study the material and to make regular presentations which will be graded. Students will be expected to solve exercises.
Grading: Course grading will be based on grades received during regular presentations.